4-H Clover Now What? 4-H New Family Orientation

New Family Orientation will be held on November 25th at 7:00 p.m. at the Glacier County Courthouse Annex.  This session will cover membership requirements, 4-H Opportunities, and a Q&A session.  Whether you are new to 4-H this year, or have been in the program for a year or two and are still navigating the 4-H waters, members and parents are encouraged to attend.

4-H Family Orientation Flyer

4-H Clover 4-H Enrollment Information

The new 4-H year begins on October 1, 2019.  Stop by and pick up your copy of the Clover if you are interested in joining 4-H or if you are planning on re-enrolling for the 2019-2020 year.  The Clover lists all of the projects that Montana 4-H has to offer and the materials that are required for each project.  You can also enroll, re-enroll, and change your personal/project information online.  If you enroll online, please contact our office and let us know.

4-H Program Basics Cloverbuds Shooting Sports Livestock Projects
  • Youth program for ages 8 - 19 years old (by October 1, 2019)
  • Join a club
  • Pick your projects
  • Make friends
  • Develop Lifelong Skills
  • Learn by doing
  • 4-H Club for youth ages 5 - 8 years old (by October 1, 2019)
  • Non-competitive, educational group
  • Meets once a month after school
  • $6 enrollment fee covers the entire year
  • Must be age 9 (by October 1, 2019) to enroll
  • Archery & Air Rifle are offered in the Fall
  • Shotgun is offered in the Spring
  • Project fee may be required
  • Equipment is provided
  • Must be age 8 (by October 1, 2019) to enroll in goat, sheep, or swine livestock projects
  • Must be age 10 (by October 1, 2019) to enroll in beef livestock projects

4-H Clover 4-H Calendar of Events

2 - Cut Bank Holiday Bazaar, 4-H Cheesecake Booth Fundraiser
3 - Archery Practice Begins
4 - 4-H Council Meeting, 7 p.m., Glacier County Annex
12 - 4-H Beef Workshop, Cut Bank Voting Center, 6:30 p.m.
12 - Butter Braid Delivery @ Cut Bank Voting Center, 4:30 p.m.
15 - Parade of Lights, 6:30 p.m.
15 - Chili and Cinnamon Roll Dinner to benefit Pam Murray, 4 - 7 p.m., Parkview Senior Center
25 - New 4-H Family Orientation, 7:00 p.m., Glacier County Courthouse Annex
28 - Office Closed for Thanksgiving


3 - Rifle Practice Begins
25 - Office Closed for Christmas

4-H Clover Monthly 4-H Newsletters

October 2019 - 4-H Enrollment, Butter Braid Fundraiser, Shooting Sports, etc.
November 2019 - Holiday Bazaar Cheesecake Booth, Parade of Lights, Livestock Judging, etc.

4-H Clover Opportunities/Resources

Items available for check-out by 4-H members:

  • Cake decorating kits
  • Scrapbooking magazines
  • Robotics kit
  • Leathercrafting kits
  • Small animal livestock scale

Glacier County 4-H Council Event Scholarship

The Glacier County 4-H Council may contribute up to 50% of the cost of attending 4-H teen leadership trainings, workshops, and conferences.  Funds can be paid directly to the event, or can be reimbursed to the 4-H Member.  Download this fillable PDF form and return it to the Extension Office to request funds.

Bret Wanken Memorial Fund

This fund was established to help 4-H Youth from the five 4-H programs (Glacier, Liberty, Pondera, and Toole Counties and the Blackfeet Reservation) to attend 4-H teen leadership trainings.  Funds may be paid directly to the event or can be reimbursed to the member. Download this fillable PDF form and return it to the Extension Office to request funds.

Montana 4-H Resources

The Montana 4-H Resource webpage offers support for 4-H Members, Clubs, Leaders, and Volunteers.  You will find helpful information about Montana 4-H and the page has several forms available for download.  If you are interested in learning more about 4-H, or if you are looking for a specific form, this page is a great resource!


4-H Clover4-H Program Principles
4-H pledge poster with photos of kids

4-H Pledge

I pledge my head to clearer thinking,
My heart to greater loyalty,
My hands to larger service,
And my health to better living
For my club, my community, my country,
and my world.

4-H Motto

"To make the best better"

4-H Philosophy

"Learn by doing"

National 4-H Week Slogan

"Inspire kids to do"

4-H Clover Donate to Glacier County 4-H and Receive a Tax Credit

Tax Credit/Endowment Flyer

For more information on Tax Credit donations, please see this MontGuide.

4-H Clover 4-H Awards

Member Recognition Awards will recognize members who attend at least 50% of their meetings, give a communications presentation, attend a countywide event, etc.  The 4-H Council will give the following prizes for these awards: rosettes will be awarded for Clover and Emerald winners, a medal for Bronze winners, and trophies for Silver and Gold winners.  The purpose of these awards is to provide an incentive for members to go above and beyond the minimum requirements of the Glacier County 4-H Program.

Glacier County 4-H Awards will recognize members at Achievement Day for Community Service, Leadership, or 4-H Achievement (not project specific).  4-H members, leaders, parents/family members, or community members may nominate current Glacier County 4-H members based on their participation in community service or leadership.  Nominations should represent someone who has gone above and beyond the typical member expectations and has done exceptional work.

4-H Clover Record Books

Learning to set goals, reflect on what has been learned, and keep records is a critical component of the 4-H record book process.  The 4-H record book also becomes extremely helpful when youth begin applying for scholarships and awards. 

Each of the forms listed below are available free from the Extension Office or your club leader, or you can click on the link to use the form on your computer.  If using the online form, BE SURE to first download and save the form to your computer.  If you type directly onto the form without first saving it, the changes will not be saved!

Each year, each 4-H youth must have the following in their record book:

1.)  ‘My 4-H Year’ record form – One of these must be completed by each member.

2.)  ‘My Non-Animal Project Journal & Financial Record – One of these must be completed for each non-animal project (ex. Archery, Sewing, Photography, Rifle, Teen Leadership, etc.) that the member enrolls in.

3.)  ‘My 4-H Animal Project Journal & Financial Record’ – One of these must be completed for each animal project (ex. Swine, Dog, Poultry, Rabbit, Sheep, Goat, etc.) that the member enrolls in.

Please note that these record book forms are separate from completing activities in the project books.  Please contact the Extension Office or your club leader if you have questions. 

For additional guidance, For the Record’ outlines completing a record book.   Please see these completed record book forms for an example:  
My 4-H Year Example
Non – Animal Journal Example (Archery)
Non - Animal Journal Example (Cooking)
Animal Journal Example (Market Beef)

The Criteria for a Complete Record Book form has a checklist for the member, parent, and leader to use when checking books prior to the fair and before turning in for completion.  Record books must be up to date by June 30 to exhibit at the fair and completed by September 30 to re-enroll in a market livestock project and be eligible for Council scholarship funds in the following year.